Goodbye Dayre and see you folks somewhere else 😘

I've finally gotten around to backing up all my Dayre posts and so it's time to say goodbye. 4 plus years of updating on Dayre, it's not long but it's been a fun ride. Love the community, the engagement and especially all the friendships I've struck here. I am glad they have become friends offline... Continue Reading →


Fml woke up at 4am again despite going to bed at 12am 😑 Tossed and turned till 6 am, decided to wake up, do a painting and now folding this basket of long overdue laundry. At least I am being productive eh. January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 27/31 A painting of my nook coz you know,... Continue Reading →

#supportDayre #saveDayre unpopular opinions 😑 Soooooo, truth is I'm a tad miffed by the sticker sale. It feels to me like a half-assed effort to rescue Dayre. Are stickers even the driving factor of Dayre? No, it's not. I have enjoyed Dayre without buying a single set of stickers. It's our content and our control... Continue Reading →

Sent by my dad. Liam's in Melaka with his kongkong and step-popo so it's freedom for us till Sunday 😋 Well, calling it freedom is pushing it as we have a weekend worth of personal development workshops to attend 😅 Since no beastly 3.5yr old to wrangle, I had a bit of grooming done of... Continue Reading →

Past midnight now and I am officially 36 weeks pregnant ❤️ My final, conservative goal is 35 weeks minimum and I've exceeded it. It's so surreal how this day seemed so impossible less than a year ago. A miscarriage at 9 weeks gestation, six months after the loss of my twins definitely added to the... Continue Reading →

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 23/31 Yumyum sunny side up ☀️ Hubs made me a fried egg sandwich with brown sauce for lunch. I didn't use to like HP sauce, prefer soy sauce w my fried egg sandwich but this pregnancy... Do you know that everytime you're pregnant you get a little more of the daddy's... Continue Reading →

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 21/31 Colourful fabrics. January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 22/31 Infant Liam 😍 It's this picture of him hehe. He was adjusted age 1 week old, but 2 months old in reality. This is what I wear all the freakin time now. My old mini dresses from H&M and the same pair of... Continue Reading →

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 20/31 The challenge is "music" and it is only fitting that I should paint one of my most loved singers, without a care of how watercolour medium should be used. I haven't captured her likeness or done her justice, but I'm okay with that.

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 19/31 Painted this at 3am last night. It's a google image not my own hand haha.

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