Sent by my dad. Liam's in Melaka with his kongkong and step-popo so it's freedom for us till Sunday πŸ˜‹

Well, calling it freedom is pushing it as we have a weekend worth of personal development workshops to attend πŸ˜…

Since no beastly 3.5yr old to wrangle, I had a bit of grooming done of the Brazilian wax kind at my gf's place. Don't want my daughter to enter this world with mummy's spider legs flossing her eyelids.

It's called CherryCo & it's located in a quiet residential area in Damansara Uptown.

I love this new location of hers, she used to have a shop in Kota Damansara & it's a nightmare to park. Now can park in a private compound and also, the place is just so much quieter, peaceful & private.

Her pricing is definitely competitive. Unlike other places, she doesn't have any session limit for her IPL packages cause everybody's IPL effectiveness is different so she will just honour the package until the customer is satisfied.

As for waxes, she uses premium wax from Australia called Adam&Eve. No dodgy chinese stuff.

You can find CherryCo on Facebook or at the website

Anyway, this is her awesome Monday waxing promo. You can call or whatsapp them at +6011 1010 3139 for enquiries or appointment. No walk-ins which is another plus point for me πŸ‘

#notad #sharingwhatilove

After that, came home & had glorious 3 hour nap. Then dinner at Menya Musashi & a movie – The Greatest Showman.

Knowing that the ppl responsible for Lalaland had a hand in this film got me a lil worried cause I found Lalaland ok at best despite rave reviews & Oscars πŸ™„

However, Hugh Jackman's hardly in anything shiteous so we decided to bite the bullet and watch it. And I absolutely loved it!

Could be hormones I don't know, I sobbed from start to finish, I tapped my feet to the music, love!!

I know of this uniqlo airism tops but never bought em cause kiam. Since I am planning to replace and downsize my entire wardrobe with neutral and classic pieces this year I thought I'd start with a few of these airism tops with built in bras, which would be great for breastfeeding later on too.

Well, omg i feel like getting more, so nice not having to wear an actual bra! It's quite thin but still got support and keep my ginormous mama nipples out of sight 🀭

First day of Lifebook Ultimate today, a more in depth programme than the one we attended last February. This couple are Jon and Missy Butcher, the creator of the programme that has transformed our lives. Very excited to learn from this workshop before bb comes.

And dinner of aged ribeye at Beato with hubs. Yum yum in my tumtum. Hubs had the aged porterhouse which was real nice too.

We're determined to make our no-child weekend worthwhile. Already booked a table at French Feast tomorrow πŸ˜…. French Feast is the rebirth of the shuttered La Vie En Rose.


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