28 June 2018

Liam: Daddy come watch me play with bubbles!

Hubs: Wait Liam, I have to feed Lily first.

Liam: You can’t feed Lily daddy. You have no boobs.


I’ve been trying to get Lily to take the bottle so that I could nip out for a childless dinner with friends or massage but most importantly, date nights.

Hate to admit that I am a little stressed by this.

I don’t understand how we freakin dropped the ball when it comes to her bottle feeding coz with Liam, husband was feeding him with bottle the moment the nipple confusion phase passed. But we waited till over 2 months with Lily and it wouldn’t even have happened if it wasn’t for a spontaneous outing. She wouldn’t take the frozen ebm, cold or warm and absolutely refused two different bottles/teats. Gahhhh. I was out for 8 hours and she either cried or fought the bottle the entire time. Did not drink a single drop.

Today at Lily’s vaccination, I was hoping and wishing that her paed would clear her for solids so at least she could have sustenance other than my milk but dammit he was like NO NO NO, wait till 6 months first less risks of developing allergies! (a fact I actually know also but I am desperate #badmum).

We have a trusted ad-hoc babysitter (btw please don’t ask me for contact sorry I won’t give for personal reasons) but problem is if she’s unable to feed Lily than it means I have to lug Lily with me everywhere T_T. I am so looking forward to date night with hubs this weekend but if Lily still refuses the bottle it looks like she’s tagging along and a part of me feels like, What’s the damn point!? The sitter is not cheap wei!! Gahhhhhh.

Anyway I will keep trying. If no choice have to take her means have to take her lah. This is why sometimes I am so tempted to just hire a stay-in help but I know myself too well. I can’t handle the stress of dealing with another human being!!!! If only you can trial helpers before hiring them 😭


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  1. Hugs babe.no suggestions cause Mr.7 had nipple confusion when he was first born and I kept the bottle away like a plague. When I wanted him to use the bottle of course he won’t take it. with mr.4 I didn’t want to try the bottle until he was 7-8 weeks old but he won’t take it too not like i tried hard enough too lol.lazy to pump or to wash those stuff (blame my laziness)

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  2. Good luck!! S still won’t take a bottle or drink milk from her sippy cups. But she’ll take water from the sippy! I think it’s something about the ebm she doesn’t like. 🤦🏻‍♀️


  3. Chloe took to the bottle rather easily at about 3 months. Wife was kinda sad about the whole affair. I was happy at first, because we could finally gauge how much she was drinking! Only to find out later that I was stuck with bottle-washing duties….


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