Steamed some niangou and covered it in fresh grated coconut. They a bit soft coz i steamed too long but it's ok am eating with chopstick lol. Sooooo goood! #dayrefatties #cny

Weird Dream

I had a full on dream of myself dragging Liam around trying to fix a lice problem with my hair wtf 😂

Why so random geh!? I was visiting hospital then this guard kept directing me to random floors for treatment and i just got frustrated by the minute. Then I even arrived at a bank director's office (wtf) and he also has lice!? And his office has been isolated cause of it and he was recommending me narrow-tooth comb and then his assistant came in spraying anti-lice all over the room.

Liam started scratching his head and omg I was so stressed wtf!

I have had weird and even scary dreams during pregnancy but this is the most random one. I don't remember watching anything kutu related also haha. Last time I had lice was 30 years ago probably. So weird!


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