6 July 2018

3.48am now and I am finally pain free. Lily’s sleep regression seems to have also caused her to develop a poor latch on my leftie which led to a pretty painful clogged duct since 12am. I thought I would leave it be and let Lily clear it in the next feed but cause she was dream feeding so she was only latching lazily. Instead of clearing the duct she made it worse by stimulating more milk that has nowhere to go.

It’s been a long time since I got a clogged duct, since 2014 in fact when I was breastfeeding Liam. With Lily I refused to pump and only fed on demand but I did not prepare for sleep regression. It makes sense really, you nurse frequent than normal and longer trying to put a bub to sleep for hours on end and when she does, she’s out for 6 to 8 hours straight. Throw in poor latch in the mix you got a recipe for an epic plugged milk duct.

So I found a milk bleb. Took one of my sewing needles and sterilised it with a cigarette lighter. Prod and pry, prod and pry at this damn milk bleb, prod and pry. Rinse and repeat. No shooting milk. I massaged the affected area and tried to push it out to no avail.

So I drew a hot bath. Dipped my leftie in it and massaged. Pricked my nipple with a hot pin again. Dipped boob into bath and massaged towards the nipples again. Saw some milk flowing out. Okay, that’s positive. I did this for like 20 minutes…maybe more. Felt like forever.

Finally boob felt slightly lighter and softer. I decided to go to bed. Nope. The feeling of concrete slowly stacking up on my leftie. Couldn’t wait anymore…I picked Lily up. Plonked her on my bed and stick my leftie into her mouth while on my hands and knees. For lack of better description, imagine a 69, but with my boob in her mouth. Surprisingly she began sucking. I wad so gawddamn tired by now and so desperately wanted to sleep but I perservered.

Finally she unlatched. I touched my leftie and it’s soft. SOFT. I could dance from happiness but I didn’t cause I am fucking exhausted.

I would love to sleep but my right boob is hardening…indicating that it needs its milk removed. Gahhhhh.

So here I am at 4.09am, nursing Lily on my right and blogging to keep myself awake. Then there’s school run at 8am.

I have nobody to blame but myself.


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