17 June 2018

We just got back from a friend’s party and I just want to record this for posterity. There’s a pinata at the party and when it broke, I told Liam that he could pick up some sweets.

My sweet, sweet boy, it was his first pinata okay. So, he kneeled down on the floor, grab a grand total of ONE sweet then looked up at me with so much happiness on his face and showed me the little sweet in his hand.

Of course, I immediately barked at him to get MORE SWEETS! 🤣

Despite the shock on his face, at the idea that he could take more than one sweet!???? he obeyed and he was so truly happy ☺️


Just remembered this too, this happened a few days ago. I was tucking Liam in bed. We were lying together in bed and he lovingly said, “I love you mummy”. So I said “I love you too” back.

Then he said, “I love you daddy” to which I replied, “Eh daddy’s not here, daddy’s downstairs”. He said, “Pretend daddy!”

So I said in a gruff voice, “I love you Liam” and Liam replied, “I love you pretend daddy”. 😂


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