She got time for dat / Elections on 9 May!

This warms me heart πŸ€—


So this happened. In fact, she didn’t go down until 6am. It was getting alarming because she started to look pained and I couldn’t do anything to help her sleep.

Boobing her only got her to shut her eyes for about 5 minutes and then they’re opened and she’s back to moving her limbs, yawning and making all kinds of sounds for hours.

The only explanation for this is caffeine sensitivity. I had a big cup of livetea roast milk tea at 4pm. It was probably my first caffeinated drink since I knew I was pregnant. Damn you livetea it wasn’t even tasty!

I really was very good with my caffein while pregnant as I drank only Rooibos tea. The only caffeine I got was from chocolates. I read that babies that weren’t exposed to caffeine in vitro are much likely to display sensitivity towards caffeine in breastmilk. And Lily displayed all the classic signs.

I will not touch any caffeinated drink again for as long as I am breastfeeding. It was scary to see Lily like that not to mention so tiring for me.

At 3am I banished the husband to Liam’s room so he could sleep better. By 5am I was desperate enough to haul the carseat up into the bedroom. I strapped her in, turned on the car engine white noise and rocked her for an hour before she started slowly closing her eyes. And finally she slept…

And slept and slept and slept. In fact it is 11am now and she’s still sleeping. Although my boobs are bursting at the seams I am reluctant to wake the poor girl up. She must be so exhausted poor baby.


Woke up to the news of the official Malaysian elections date. It is taking place on 9 May…which is a bloody Wednesday.

Honestly it doesn’t affect me and it’s happening before our trip back to England so actually quite a relief for me but I find it so dirty that the day it is set on to discourage overseas Malaysians and outstation Malaysians to vote! How many will have understanding employers and how many are willing to sacrifice their annual leaves!? This current government is really jibai.


4 thoughts on “She got time for dat / Elections on 9 May!

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  1. Not only overseas. Locals also. My fren in gov clinic whole team from outstation. So gov clinic can’t close. I think easily half of the team cannot go back and vote. This is only 1 example! The tactic works!!! Dirty tactic!


  2. Hahahahaha I was thinking is there a new brand called livetea?!?!? I agree tealive is not as good as chatime. I had the milk tea once and that was it. Wow, I didnt know abt the caffeine in breastmilk thing. Glad Lily finally get to sleep and hope you got some rest too. Hahaha yea wtf Wednesday to vote. Planned to close the firm for the day to save my country then the govt announced it ph πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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