Lily is real.

Lily’s a real person now. We are at the National Registration Office to register her birth as well as the twins’…..yeah we’re 2 years late for the twins.

Also, we’ve decided to not use the names Apollo and Artemis. Truth is, I have never been comfortable referring them by those names.

In my heart, I always think of them as the names that we used to call them while they’re in my belly. At first, we really wanted to save the names for their future siblings but since Lily ended up not using either name and my factory is 70% closed for good I think it’s safe to just officiate their births with their original names.

Due to the lateness, the registration wasn’t straightforward anymore. Had tonnes of forms to fill out, various documents to make copies, and having to append passport pictures of parents and all siblings (hence Lily having her photo taken) and then have to get a declaration signed by commissioner of oath, multiplied by 2.

Anyway, all done now and we just have to wait 3 months for their “investigation” before they will issue the official birth certs.

I feel a lot lighter now that this task is finally ticked off. For almost two years I left it at the backburner, and it didn’t really bother me until it did then I’d get super upset.

So Levi and Lola, like Lily, you’re real too and we love you always.


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  1. Biggest hugs Kim ❤️ such beautiful names for beautiful angels. Levi & Lola, always remembered. And Lily – the rainbow that shines bright. Love you all ❤️


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