Overdue update

Sorry I haven’t been updating. Even hubs asked why I haven’t updated cause he enjoys reading about my day whenever he’s at work.

Since my last post, things have improved tremendously for me. My errant molar is now fixed and I am no longer in pain. My braces are due to be removed so that’s great too. C-section area still has twinges which is mildly uncomfortable but I’ll take that anyday over actual pain.


I have been enjoying domestic bliss. Tending to Liam and Lily, cooking almost everyday. I even managed to organise a surprise 40th birthday party for Gareth.

It was held at hubs’ favourite bar. A bit drama leading to the surprise, I’m just gonna copy and paste from Instagram hehe:

Throwback to a couple days ago when my beloved @higarethdavies turned the Big 40. He knew that I was up to something so I blindfolded him all the way from home. We were already late when we we reached the carpark and Liam decided to have a meltdown. He refused to exit the car while the clock ticked away FML.

The carpark was also really warm, and with Lily strapped to my chest, carrying a heavy diaper bag on my back and trying to wrangle Liam out of my car, I was legit soaked through…while poor Gareth was standing in the heat, unable to help as he couldn’t see. Yeap, I didn’t think that part through lol.

Finally, got beastly Liam out the car with my godzilla voice. The trek to the bar from the carpark felt like an eternity omg and absolutely terrifying for the birthday man but it was all worth it when Gareth removed his blindfold to find himself in the company of his favourite people in his favourite bar no less! Thank you everybody who came for him ❤️ Happy birthday Gareth. I love you, we love you.

Blindfolded still can selfie lol and a sleeping beast at the back. I think I must be in the middle of strapping Lily to the carrier.

What’s not mentioned also was that earlier in the day I had to hit the venue with both Liam and Lily to drop off the cake and do the decorations. I had dreaded that outing because it was to be my very first outing with two bubs on my own with no help! Turned out my fear was unfounded because Liam helpfully carried the ginormous foil balloons all the way from car to bar while I wore Lily and carried the cake. After that, Liam had so much fun participating in the decorating while Lily snoozed away on the sofa ❤️

The sleeping beauty while we spruced up the party venue.


So yeah, as I was saying…just slowly taking in life as mum of two. Sleep is little but the body is adjusting. Lily, hope I don’t jinx myself saying this…is a dream baby. Her cues are textbook, she feeds and sleeps like clockwork, very predictable. Her only con is her projectile poo lol

I think have to blame Gareth in this respect..

Lily gaining cheeks and Liam noodling my armpit. Love my life.


Gareth already received download link from Dayre but I haven’t grrrr. All the videos from his postings could be downloaded and I am dying to download mine too. At first I made peace with losing the dayre videos but now seeing that hubs got them and we watched some of Liam’s cutest moments omg I am feeling desperate. I hope I get the email soon. I wonder if I would ever get it because i got in the q a lot earlier than Gareth and yet he received the link first 😑


Will try to update more regularly for the benefit of husband. He is going to be a lot busier soon so I reckon he will appreciate knowing what’s going on even the mundane details.


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      1. Dayre @blog posted an update, saying if you haven’t received any email from them, you can comment your email address below the post. Probably you can comment below that post


  1. Sorry… I just read through that post. They stated about the cut off date to download the posts and a lot of people commented below that, they haven’t received the mail.


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