4.1 kg

This girl weighs a hefty 4.1kg today at 18 days old, even after all the poonami and peenami she’s unleashed upon her poor parents πŸ˜‚

While stripping her down for a weighing at the hospital, she decided to pee on herself. And absent-minded mummy forgot to bring extra clothes so she had to wear her blanket, toga style.

Last confinement meal! I am glad hubs only ordered 2 weeks first to try it out cause am getting quite enough of eating all these heaty food despite the deliciousness. I have a low-grade sore throat, my gum is aching mildly and I am getting pimples fml! Happy to be back to eating normal, non gingery food 😁

Thanks hubs for making me such an on-point maggi kari letup for supper ❀️


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