Beastly toddler.

This morning he had a meltdown while going to school according to his dad. He was fine eating breakfast, putting on uniform etc until it was time to leave the house then started lah. Apparently he absolutely refused to leave the house for school so Gareth had to wrangle a crying, kicking toddler into the car. When they reached school, he also refused to get out of the car so he had to be forcefully evicted. Stressballs.

When we went to pick him, I had thought his mood would be better. The moment he saw me, he shouted, “I don’t want mummy”. No matter what I said, he refused to walk out of the room. So I had to get the husband to wrangle him out of school compound and into the car. The picture above is of him crying about wanting to stay at school 🤦‍♀️

Lily is making herself so lovable cause she just drinks milk and sleep, rinse and repeat.

Dinner situation. Ginger salmon, ginger chicken and ladies fingers.

Dark coloured soup that tasted very herbal.

Got a lovely diaper cake from Nuffnang Malaysia ❤️


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