What a guzzler

Just downloaded a breastfeeding app cause I kept forgetting which boob Lily last fed on. Thanks to the app I know she’s been guzzling since 1.45am. It’s 4am now and she’s finally satiated enough to sleep.

Also, I just cleaned her bum and changed her diaper for the first time. I even felt well enough to give her legs a coconut oil massage! She loved it 😍

Yeap, all the previous days I had been in so much pain I couldn’t really stand long enough to change, clean, or give her a bath. Diaper/bath duties lied solely with the husband, thank you my love.

Good afternoon from Lilpup. Knew I would jinx it the moment I said breastfeeding was going well. Her pattern is a bit erratic now, she would either suckle for a couple of minutes or for an hour… Aduih.

Ham and jam sandwich for lunch. Love it. Thanks hubs for making it.

@mommisaurus and @CLandA came to visit us today! So good to see them, it has been ages. Look who is making this hot mama broody for number 3 😆

Thanks ladies for the beautiful gift ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Confinement dinner of herbal chicken, ginger pork and vege.

Pork pepper soup omg one of my favourites 😍

Hanging out with Lils after giving her a bath and a nozzle.


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