A bit tired of rice for lunch everyday so hubs made me a bacon and egg sandwich. Soooo gooood!

I also feel so much better today? Just regular sore, no debilitating cramps or weird trapped wind pains…yasssss is this the light at the end of the tunnel???

Food delivery today is pretty epic…chicken yellow wine, pan fried fish and loads of veges. As usual, portioned them out for dinner.

Don’t know yet what soup cause I can’t see the ingredients but it’s nice hehe.

Busted out Liam’s old ducky mittens/socks for Lily. Oh my heart 😍

Looking more and more like her brother each day. I was just telling Gareth that this past week felt like deja vu cause despite being parents of two, it still feels like being parent of one with Liam’s absence. Like we were back in time when Liam was just a lil baby. Looking forward to Liam coming home so we can be a family of four proper 😊

Breastfeeding has been going pretty well and hopefully stay this way. I don’t miss pricking my nips with hot needle, curling my toes in pain and shit like that.

I am convinced that all my previous pains and discomforts were caused by the pump so this time around, other than using the Hakaa for quick relief, I am determined not to use the Medela. My strategy this time is just to trust the baby and not overstimulate my tatas with the machine.

Bonus pic of Liam sent by his grandad today. Put on weight already 😊 He needs a haircut!

Some kinda herbal chicken soup today.

Here she is post bathtime… looking coy after peeing on a clean towel, wetting her brother’s bed 😂


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  1. So so so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love it!!! I think the pumping does over stimulate the boobies. I had problems first time second time I barely pumped and it was fine luckily no blocked ducts no mastitis!

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  2. My ovaries are bursting too seeing Lily omgggggg so dangerous hahahahahahahaha need to control myself to not baham J 😂😂cant wait for the 4 of you to reunite!

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  3. Yay for light at the end of the tunnel! And good job grandad with Liam! Reunion coming soon haha. And I too blame my Medela for overstimulation….lol! So many boob problems with it but can’t compare la since I didn’t DL B as long as I did for JB!

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  4. Yes I only used the haaka this time around too and no issues! Though I don’t even bother with that now since S doesn’t like taking the bottle. No point storing milk for no reason haha.

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