Stitch out!

It’s a week since giving birth and today i got my stitch removed. Was really quick, snip snip pull and it was done. Ultrasound showed that my uterus is clear and shrinking well.

So I asked doc about this constant pain on the right side of my incision and he said it could just be residual contractions and should get lesser and lesser. I sure hope so cause it is starting to put a damper on my sunny disposition.

Anyway doc didn’t put the waterproof plaster anymore over the stitch and it’s freaking me out a little that it is now so exposed. I will try not to let it bother me ๐Ÿ˜ฃ My guts will not fall out, my guts will not fall out ๐Ÿ™

1 week post-partum. If I look suspiciously slim don’t be tricked, it’s why I dared post this picture. I have nothing to wear other than this body-hugging airism top. I couldn’t bear to wear bra because the boobs are udderly hurting now ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Lily’s first trip out since coming home and she’s great.

Tamago mentai don for lunch. Not much mentaiko but the egg was really soft and delicious so I ate it all with a gusto. It’s at Harumi23, a Japanese restaurant near my hospital.

Wearing her brother’s Tuna Melts My Heart onesie. Liam could only fit in it when he was 4 months old lol

Confinement dinner situation. So much food cause didn’t have it for lunch.


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  1. The scar will hurt a while more. I also had a tingling sensation on my tummy from all the severed nerve endings trying to re-attach. But it should all go back to normal in 6 months.

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      1. I was shocked too… I had two Caesareans and I never really could feel my lower abdomen till a while later, which is kinda difficult to exercise the muscles when you can’t feel them. But don’t panic! And don’t feel too badly. It was one of the first things I told my best friend when she had her Caesarean so she was mentally prepared and didn’t feel too badly after.

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  2. I remember being freaked out over โ€œhow exposedโ€ it looks without the plaster even the second time around! Itโ€™s amazing how fast the body heals. My gynae told me she could give m some cream to apply to make me feel better. Cream can help you feel like guts wonโ€™t fall out. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคช

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  3. She’s a real cutie! Congrats!!! My wife was also scared her guts may come spilling out, but it won’t. 5 months and then some down the road, she still complains of some “phantom” pains at her lower region every now and then. But after a quick check by yours truly, (Dr. Quack in da house yo) and a reassuring word from me, her pains all but disappear.

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