Post-partum hormones

Think finally them hormones caught up with me after a few days of basking in the bliss of Lily’s arrival.

The constant pain from wind, womb contractions, muscle soreness everywhere and surgery and not being mobile. The traumatic natural birth attempt. My grotesque jelly belly. Not being able to hug Liam properly or attend to Lily swiftly, it’s all getting to me.

I shouldn’t complain because my beautiful, very much wanted rainbow is finally in my arms. Liam is in good hands, affording us some time to figure out our new normal. My husband is immensely supportive. I really shouldn’t complain.

Allowed myself a little sob and I feel a little better after. Eye on the prize Kim, you’ll feel better in a few more days!!!!

I feel better after waking up today. Thanks everyone for the encouragement after my weakass confession last night.

Anyway, first night at home with Lily was amazing. She just snoozes immediately after a feed for like 3-4 hours. Other than a poonami incident at 5am where she projectile pooped at both of us and the rug….it was great πŸ˜…

She hasn’t really cried except when she’s being changed, I think she hates the temperature changes. And she would quiet down immediately after being clothed.

Hope this is not a fluke 🀞

Hubs got this confinement food catering for me and today’s the first day.

Here’s a picture after I portioned out the dishes for dinner tonight. Generous portions πŸ‘

Comes with a massive jar of confinement soup. I reckon it’s at least a litre! Very pleased.

In case you want the contact. #notsponsored #notanad

Sorry TMI but I pooped and my stitches are intact πŸ˜…πŸŽ‡

My dad sent over this picture. Liam is so chuffed hanging out with his gonggong and KT popo πŸ€—

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19 thoughts on “Post-partum hormones

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  1. Big hugs babe. Hang in there. I find the early months the toughest – missing first born, adjusting to new routine, attending to 2nd one and of all our own hormones going bonkers and physically so unattractive and not so mobile. Dont be too hard on yourself. You are doing great and Lily is such a gem ❀ speedy recovery 😘

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  2. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ mamakim!! Cry it out whenever you need to.. I sure did alot of that in the first month! It’s a new life and new routine with 2 kids, and your body just went through a traumatic experience. You know where to find us if you need anything 😘

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  3. It’s normal to cry during your first few days. I did, and it’s how our amazing release those hormones. You are doing great, keep it up, and she’s so beautiful, wish I was there in Malaysia, I would have gone to your house to photograph lily!

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