First post, post Dayre migration.

Woohoo first WP post here. It’s amazing to see the migration of Dayreans to this platform omg!

I am so chuffed that I can spam Lily’s updates here haha. Cause I can’t do it on FB, IG or my blog.

Both Lily and I are able to discharge from hospital today woohoo! Her jaundice level has come down and she’s feeding well. My boobs are engorging at an alarming rate…not complaining.

All dressed in civilian clothes and ready to go home. But first….topping up the belly first. πŸŽ‡

Strapped in and ready hehe. More updates on igstory.

By the way if you are adding updates to your current day, do also update your publish time to reflect the time you made the edit so that your updated post will appear on the top of your readers’ feeds rather than being pushed down by other newer posts ya ✌️

Chilling on the sofa ❀️ I can’t believe I’m looking at my daughter!!!!


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