Goodbye Dayre and see you folks somewhere else πŸ˜˜

I've finally gotten around to backing up all my Dayre posts and so it's time to say goodbye.

4 plus years of updating on Dayre, it's not long but it's been a fun ride. Love the community, the engagement and especially all the friendships I've struck here.

I am glad they have become friends offline so there won't be any missing of them after I permanently delete this app off my phone.

Thanks for supporting my lil space here on Dayre and if you are still interested in following my updates, I can be found on:

Instagram: @kimberzilla

Before I go, I will share how I backed-up all my Dayre posts and hope you will find my method useful ✌️

1. Download Link Klipper extension to your chrome/opera browser.
2. Open your Dayre by month on browser.
3. Scroll down, make sure all the daily posts have been loaded on the page.
4. Click on Link Klipper button. It will extract the URLs of all the daily posts and save them in a csv or txt file (I prefer txt).
5. Copy and paste the list of URLs from the file onto which batch convert URLs to pdfs.
6. Voila, a list of individual pdfs generated.


1. No need to copy/paste/convert every Dayre entry one by one.
2. The formating of the pdfs are intact.


1. PDFs are not ordered as it's named via Dayre's gibberish URL. So you have to order them manually by renaming the files. I am happy to just store them all in a folder by months.
2. Some pictures don't load properly during conversion. This is pretty rare.
3. Sometimes the Dayre blue bar asking ppl to download the app that appears on the web would obscure some words.

4. Maximum 4 batch conversions per hour and maximum 20 URLs per batch so can be slow. But I solved it with money, USD5 for a week of unlimited access to Worth it.

What I mean by the files not in order, cause of the gibberish filenames.

Thank you again everybuddy. I wish I didn't have to go cause I do love Dayre but I just can't invest anymore time and feels on something with such an uncertain future.

I suppose I could support it more by buying stickers 🀭 but frankly, it ain't my job and it's not my business and there also some low-grade rage festering inside of me on how this beautiful app has been literally managed out of business.

I don’t need that kinda angst in my life. Au revoir and see you guys some place else 😘


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