January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 16/31

Such an insipid theme 😴. "Games"? Wtf.

I honestly didn't know what to paint! I was gonna do a deck of cards but ended up just painting this quickly for the sake of finishing the challenge. I feel really, really exhausted these past couple of days and Liam's getting more obstropolous by the minute 😣

Everything takes forever, eating, napping (yeah naps are back coz he gets so beastly by dinner when he doesn't nap), drinking, tidying etc. Everything also have to nego, have to threaten 😩

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 17/31

Finally, something non abtract to paint. You want sandwich I give you sandwich ok. This is tuna salad sandwich but you can also say it's salt beef sandwich. I like both.

Whatever lah. I feel tired 😴

Bam! 35 weeks! 😎🙏

The stargazer lilies have bloomed 😍

Went to Babyland SS2 today and stocked up on some essentials. Milk bags, bottles, changing mats and this tub stand. Don't know how we survived without a stand with Liam before!

Was planning on reusing Liam's mittens and hats but ended up buying loads of new ones in shades of pink 😂

I told myself I'm not gonna do pink with my baby girl but a nice pink is a nice pink, couldn't resist 😅

Can't catch a break with this one. I'm having a poop and he keeps trying to wash my bum wtfffff

He got soap on his hand and he's trying to forcibly wash my crack ffs

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 18/31

This is one of my favourite drinks. Mashed salted plums with a bit of honey and topped off with soda water.


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