January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 11/31

Anyone know what the heck I painted ah?

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 12/31

Belon. Fugly belons 😥

Sleep deprived

Last night me and hubs were determined to hit the sack early… We were out cold by 11pm.

And then our scumbag brains decided to wake us up at 2.30am and 3am respectively. We both tossed and turned in bed for more than an hour and then decided to make ourselves cups of chamomile tea to relax.

So we both drank tea downstairs in the dark (even switched off the xmas tree lights) and chit chatted. Like romantic date haha

Then we went back up to try to sleep and did not fall asleep till about 7am, when Liam barged into our room for his morning cuddles and to continue his sleep with us. We all slept till 8.30am and reluctantly woke up for Liam's school (already late lah shit class starts at 8.30am) fol

After dropping him off, we got home and attempted to sleep again. Guess what, fully awake dy…. so we decided to get breakfast instead.

Drove all the way to opposite of Kepong for this fish head noodles. So perfect in the rain 🤗

Got home and painted two watercolour challenges and here I am….dying for a sleep 😣

This one out…I am envious 😭


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