Thanks to @heynyonya am watching this at 2am šŸ˜‚

Been a while, old friend.

Made myself a tv snack of butter toast with some kaya.

Liam enjoying his after-school snack of a chicken sandwich. He's still not very good at eating sandwiches/burgers, the filling would fall out everywhere and I just wasn't in the mood to clean up. But as I was making the sandwich I remembered that @klutzclumlov packs Hana's lunchbox with skewered food and she eats them cleanly so I decided to do the same with Liam's sandwich.

Sure enough, no mess and Liam ate everything! The heart is pleased šŸ¤—

Cooked again! Meatloaf, potato dauphinoise and buttered holland beans. Super indulgent cause am trying to use up all the cream from Xmas…so there's about 1/2cup of cream in the potatoes and a whole cup of cream in the meatloaf šŸ˜‚ #dayrefatties

We polished off everything! And there is another tin of meatloaf gonna freeze that.

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 10/31

Not really new shoes but these are the last pair I bought haha. And this pair makes me happy coz got orange roosters all over it and Liam always call em "chicken Toms" and bring them for me to wear šŸ¤—. He also chooses my clothes nowadays!

Started out well but borked the shadows and tones in the end šŸ˜£


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