My first proper cooking in like MONTHS!

This is really easy cause only need pork shoulder/collar (which the butcher already chopped up so I just dumped everything into the pan to brown), 1 chopped onion (took 5 seconds in the food processor), red curry paste (store-bought) and coconut milk (from a carton). Brown the pork, throw in onions, coat everything with 2 tbsp of curry paste then sauté till fragrant, add a bit of water, followed by coconut milk and simmer for 40 minutes.

This is my favourite red curry paste cause its just herbs and preserved with salt. No E numbers. Ain't nobody got time for making own curry paste 😅

I buy it from Tesco.

The ingredients. Since it uses salt as preservative I don't add salt to dishes I make with this curry paste.

And I buy loads of this coconut milk brand. It's our lifeline when doing paleo. Use it for ice-cream, milk replacement etc. I love it cause it's the only local brand I know that doesn't have starch or thickener or preservative in it. Can't find anything else as good as this at any local shop. I actually don't really like "freshly" squeezed santan in those dodgy unmarked bags coz not sure how clean wei 😆

Can also get from Tesco.

The ingredients – just coconut.

While talking to the belly..

Me: BB are you awake? Can you hear me?

Liam: She cannot hear. Only when she comes out she can hear.

Me and Hubs: Hokay…….

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 6/31

Quick work 🙈

Really wanna eat tong yuens 🤔


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