Thank you everyone for the sweet, kind, encouraging and positive comments about my pregnancy. Appreciate every single one πŸ™β€οΈ

Thanks to Narcos 3 i was only asleep between 5am and 8am…that also wasn't very good sleep cause it took me forever to get comfortable in bed. After school drop-off thought I could sleep till school pick-up time but aduhai my body is not cooperating. Keep having acid reflux fml 😭

Am sure they're caused by the puddings before sleep. My weigh-in yesterday was 66kg mang!! Gained 13kg πŸ˜…No stretch marks yet (none I could see with my limited angles anyway) but I am ramping up on the cocoa butter.

Gonna put down my phone and try to catch 40 winks. Hope it happens or else there will be hell to pay πŸ˜–

I will not watch tv until 5am again. I will not watch tv until 5am again. I will not watch tv until 5am again 😭

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 2/31

This took me two days fml. And today's 3rd challenge not even started yet πŸ˜…

The prompt is "fresh". And what's fresh and makes me happy….sake sashimi, uni and ikura on rice πŸ˜‹.

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 3/31

Laoniang is in the flow!!!! Just painted this self portrait for 3rd challenge entitled "good hair day" so I am up to date now phew.

Does it look like me? πŸ˜…

Hubs: You look white and cock-eyed. Like a confused JLaw.

Me: It's my aspirational self! 😑


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