At The Curve now to lepak after picking this one up from school. We extended his school hours and he seems fine. No drama during drop-off and pick-up, thank you universe.

Decided to drop his daily nap already. No wonder when I said I wanted him to nap till he's 5 years old some of you laughed…now I know πŸ˜‚

He didn't want anything at the bakery but when I said it's Doraemon's favourite food, dorayaki, he happily chose it. I asked to try he told me, "No, you got your own" πŸ™„.

The reason we extended his school hours……cause we're expecting πŸ˜…

Am finally in a safe gestation now that I am confident to announce. This is the longest I have been pregnant, with Liam I popped at 32 weeks 3 days πŸ˜–

So yeah some of you perceptive ones have suspected am pregnant hehe with all my bed rest, surgery, "health issues". Sorry for being secretive cause most time I didn't even know if this baby was going to make it?

As soon as I hit the milestone I told @higarethdavies it's time….to take my maternity photos. I put on some makeup, stick some decor behind the sofa and we had it done and dusted in 20 minutes.

My favourite photographer @samanthayongphotos actually offered to do for me but I will keep her expertise for the actual baby 😍

My favourite outtake ☺️

So at today's check-up my doc gave me the dexa aka steroid jab to strengthen the baby's lungs jussssst in case i go into labour. I am thankful he is being pro-active coz in my previous two pregnancies they didn't give me the jab until something really wrong happened. Liam was very lucky that he stayed in for 20 more days after my plug came out so he has no breathing issues which I highly credit to the dexa. Not so lucky w the twins, they came out 5 hours after the plug.

Dunno is a chick or puppy this one…better be a puppy 😁

Today Doc said baby's head down dy but not engaged so pls pls pls stay that way and don't change position & mangle my vjj pls πŸ™πŸ€£

January 2018 Watercolour Challenge 1/31

Back to watercolour challenge coz as much as I enjoyed brushletterring I missed painting!

I forgot how long it could take….this was 1 hour in and I was nowhere near. And it's such a small painting, on a 7×5" paper (half of A4).

After what seemed like an eternity…my favourite french toast from Frisson. The theme for the challenge is "things that make you happy" and first one – breakfast.

In case anyone is interested in doing the challenge too ✌️

At the hospital alone for my 2nd Dexa jab coz Liam's asleep already and somebody gotta stay home and keep him company. Lucky the security guard was so kind to let me park near the ER so I didn't have to trek over from the carpark πŸ€—


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