Committed blasphemy with my xmas leftover cheeses. Was too impatient to let em sweat out of the fridge so I thought I'd blast em in the microwave for a few seconds (more like 40 secs) and they turned into a pool of 6 almagated cheeses.

So I had to scrape the cheese off the plate to eat with toasts and onion marmalade. So yummy πŸ˜‹

Ghetto raclette, anyone? πŸ˜‚


December Brushletterring Challenge 27/31

Just do it!

December Brushletterring Challenge 28 /31

Something with the coliro metallic paint again. Blue green colour. The shininess doesn't come through so well on camera under my dull room light.

Consistency is something i need to work onπŸ˜”

Much betterrrrr 😍


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