Xmas seemed so faraway and then suddenly it's done and over 😢

I had such a wonderful xmas this year. Last year my head was still in daze, and I was just getting through a minute at a time and once guests had left, I had an epic meltdown which husband had to endure, poor man. But this year is so different, I truly enjoyed myself 🤗

It also helped that I didn't have to cook hehehe. I brined some pork loins a few days earlier and that's my only contribution to this year's Xmas party.

All the cooking was done by @higarethdavies. We've kept the menu smaller..2 proteins, a few veges, mash & storebought desserts. As opposed to previous years where we would do beef, pork, poultry, seafood and 4 different salads, 1/2 dozen sides, few desserts just cause. We're keeping it simple on the account of my delicate constitution lol.

Anyway here's our cheese platter; gouda, emmental, matured cheddar, cranberry brie, st agur and aop camembert. Served with apple slices, grapes & crackers.

Our traditional xmas lunch of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toasts.. Also cooked by hubs of course 😊

Brussels sprouts with bacon, guiness beef stew, cured pork loins with apple sauce, buttery corn, creamy mash, roast carrots…all cooked by my awesome hubs. So delicious am thinking he should just take over the cooking for all our future Xmas parties!


The bubs ❤️❤️❤️ @klutzclumlov

Dessert was store-bought stollen and After Eights. Forgot to bring out the Victoria sponge and fruit cake… Or did we really?? 😆

I think subconsciously we were keeping the Victoria sponge and fruitcake for ourselves lol

Giving me a kiss for getting him a Lightning Mcqueen backpack for school next year.

Presents opening after guests have left. My cmi face after realising hubs got me finetec metallic paints which I have been lusting over forever 😭

My goodies from hubs 😭 He really outdone himself. Top of the range watercolour n calligraphy papers, professional grade watercolour paints and brushes and the wireless microphone for my karaoke bug. Somemore a massive cutting mat for my sewing purposes. He did so well 🤗

So touched that he went out of his way to research about my hobbies and got me the best stuff, on top of basically pulling of our Xmas party by himself and handling Liam.

My man, my love, my rock, my Santa Clause 😁

He's wearing the Xmas t-shirt I made for him hehe.

Brushletterring December Challenge 25,26/31

So busy I couldn't find time to post my last 2 challenges.

This is 25/31 using the coliro metallic paints. I messed the frame up lol

26/31 is something from Jane Fonda.


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