So Michelin Guide has entered Bangkok and we suddenly found ourselves having dined at not one but two 1-star establishment on the list hehe.

First one is Upstairs Mikeller. We've been there several times and it's helmed by Chef Dan Bark who was Curtis Duffy's sous chef at the 3-star Grace in Chicago! We're actually friends with the chef and his wife and we're so happy for them. It's a well-deserved star.

Second place is this Bangkok's priciest street food – Raan Jay Fai😂

This is pic of me and Liam there, he's still in his botak phase 😍

We went there for the crab omelette and it was indeed superb (at more than RM80 it better be!!). The pad thai was crazy good too though we couldn't eat the tomyam it was FAR TOO SPICY.

At The Curve now for Liam's playground time. They have a kiddie train ride in service so I told hubs to take Liam while I nuah on a public couch. It's RM6 per person! #daylightrobbery

Omg Liam has perfected the Low's crooked smile 😂

I remember how my youngest brother ruined my graduation family photo with that senget smile!!

Syiok sendiri my son looks like Brad Pitt 😆 #siaomum

I was hoping it will pass but it didn't. He came into my room at 7am this morning feeling a bit toasty. Then we slept till about noon and he woke up a bit moody but no fever. So we went out for lunch and some playtime for him.

Well, the fever is back again now (38c) we're home. Gave him 5ml of paracetamo, sponged him a lil and he's out like a horse on the sofa 😢

No school also kena… must be the playgrounds 😩

December Brushlettering Challenge 9/31

Quite a long quote so keeping it simple.


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