Lunch at our fav restaurant in Klang. Peng Heong Pai Kuat…love the ribs and Hakka meatballs πŸ˜‹

Was gonna visit my dad at his new house after but they're still busy buying kitchen stuff at the labyrinth that is Mines Shopping Centre so we decided to postpone our visit to another day. Take-away Hakka meatballs for dad but guess we gonna eat them for dinner tonight….not complaining πŸ˜†

Pork and rice coma on the way home.

Our life now is sitting on a bench by a playground in the mall waiting for Liam to expend his energy. #schoolholiday

Loving the Xmas decor at The Curve. Classic santa in his sleigh with all his reindeers and just bright Xmas trees everywhere. Love it!

Things Liam Said

@higarethdavies : Should I cook you dinner?

Liam: No. Cannot cook me!


Liam went to sit on his toy BBQ grill then walked to Gareth, plonked himself on his dad and said…

Liam: I am a sausage.

Liam: I cooked my belly, my feet and my bumbum.

Liam: I need to get soya sauce.

December Brushlettering Challenge 3/31

This looks better in my head πŸ˜‚


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