Fat die me 1.

Fat die me 2.

@drea296 see what I mean? šŸ˜‚

Just a random pic of Liam at 3 Little Pigs in BV coz was yumcha-ing with @themusician. Quite good deal this place, 1 for 1 cake and 1 for 1 coffee and most importantly, a play area. He was playing there the entire time we were chatting. Such a nice catchup šŸ¤—

After that, had a really nice dinner at Village Roast Duck. I forgot how much I loved this restaurant, we used to go almost every week! The peking duck and everything else legit good šŸ‘ No picture though coz hungry.

December Brushlettering Challenge 2/31

This quote resonates with me truly.

This is my 2nd attempt, had to bin the first one despite my reluctance coz really borked the letters beyond salvation. Dem annoyed with myself cause watercolor papers not cheap yo and I am just using a mid-range brand somemore. I am starting to think I probably need to get more expensive watercolour brushes too cause it's so much harder to be precise with cheap brushes šŸ˜£


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