Instagram satisfaction 1.

Instagram satisfaction 2

Instagram satisfaction 3.

Instagram satisfaction 4 πŸ€—.

Watched this with Liam. Randomly chose it and I absolutely love it! So does Liam, he laughed so much! He seems to understand the concept of Xmas now, in fact he was the one who insisted we set up the tree… normally we do it earliest about 2 weeks before the day πŸ˜†

Of course, after the tree's up he demands presents every single day 🀷 To him, since tree is up means it's Xmas already haha.

Anyway, this movie is definitely going into our Xmas movie watch list.

Our Xmas staples are Home Alone, Elf, Die Hard, Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Love Actually. Will gladly welcome Arthur Christmas to the list.

Spent a couple of hours collating 31 quotes from women that are not too long so I can practise brushlettering or calligraphy. Mostly the former. So yeap, my December challenge is "Quotes by Women".

I wanted to do something Xmas since it is December afterall but I don't wanna get sick of Xmas πŸ˜†

Besides, this will be wonderful practice for me cause my brushlettering is laughable at best.

December Brushlettering Challenge 1/31

Yikes…hate everything but I need to stop myself from binning this cause it's the first one and, "better done than perfect!"..thanks Sheryl Sandberg πŸ˜†


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