Ushering the new year with a platter of no nos 🤣 Happy new year everyone!!!!


Should not have started on Narcos 2 😣 Not a good idea when school is about to start fol Wow it's 31 December 2017! Besides its significance as the last day of the year, it's also a day of achieving a mini personal milestone for myself. I am grateful and thankful to have come this... Continue Reading →

December Brushletterring 30/31 2nd last challenge for the month 🤯 Time passes so quickly....and yet not quick enough!

Siu yuk mantao for lunch at Crack Pork. Soooo gooood! We eat here once a month cause it's near my dentist. My teeth movement is so slow it's getting so annoying argh. Coming to 4 years now and I am still not off braces 😣 Those pesky gaps left from my canine extraction seem so... Continue Reading →

Committed blasphemy with my xmas leftover cheeses. Was too impatient to let em sweat out of the fridge so I thought I'd blast em in the microwave for a few seconds (more like 40 secs) and they turned into a pool of 6 almagated cheeses. So I had to scrape the cheese off the plate... Continue Reading →

Xmas seemed so faraway and then suddenly it's done and over 😢 I had such a wonderful xmas this year. Last year my head was still in daze, and I was just getting through a minute at a time and once guests had left, I had an epic meltdown which husband had to endure, poor... Continue Reading →

December Brushlettering Challenge 24/31 This nugget of wisdom for Xmas eve. Our xmas eve dinner is hakka meatball pasta cooked by @higarethdavies So yummy! The meatballs are from Klang's Peng Heong Paikut Restaurant.

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