Yay today we managed to surprise glowing momma @drea296 with her baby shower 🎉

Andrea thought she was attending another momma's birthday and she even brought her own decorations, and almost a cake 😂

Group pic with@kookish @itsplastermama @broughtup2share @drea296 @cindygoh and @allykay88

Missing @thistletrinkets @wenming and @imewen (who just popped! congratulations!)

Loveeee the bunting!

Decorated by none other than @broughtup2share our chief party planner. Can you tell what theme?

This is the diaper cake! Yes, it is Japanese theme because @drea296 loves Japan 🙂

Lovingly made by @kookish our resident diaper cake baker.

Mind-blowing! @kookish you're a mad genius!

@drea296 's wasabae is coming soon!

@kookish and @itsplastermama with their respective princesses 😍

Always so fun to hang out with these ladies. Love you girls!

To Andrea, wishing you a successful and smooth labour experience. Can't wait to see your 2nd little princess 💗

This one fell asleep in the car like this. As though he was handcuffed?? 😂

Hubs actually dropped me off at the baby shower and then babysat Liam while waiting for me to finish. He took Master Liam to a cafe with play area so the latter got to expend his energy. Thank you darling.

Had the same thing at lunch but it was so meh I had to have it again for dinner at Ichiro coz Ichiro never cheat my feelings 🤗

Liam and his dinner. He loves the salmon and cucumber makis. We used to order salmon flakes with ikura on rice for him but recently switched to this cause it's more a balanced meal and he can self-feed without mess. Most importantly his dad and I can eat in peace. He does tax our ikura though 🙄

The objective was to get one Xmas fruit cake from M&S because we love it but we ended up with 2 fruitcakes (one with brandy,one without), a Xmas pudding, our favourite sinful Victoria sponge (seriously like 15000 calories per slice good), a tin of shortbread and crumpets coz we like crumpets. And we intend to "sample" all the cakes before Xmas to see which is best and then get the best ones for actual Xmas day 😂 #dayrefatties

My favourite buy from M&S is definitely this xmas tree shape music box filled with shortbread that spins and plays We Wish you a Merry Xmas tune. So joy sparking 😍 Can see it properly on my instastory.

I am so excited about Xmas this year. Ironically we are keeping it low key, doing it the Japanese way which is KFC and cakes cause of health concerns I can't be on my feet slaving a way in the kitchen like I had done for past 6 years. Will definitely have a cheeseboard though 😆

November Watercolour Challenge 26/30

Challenge 26 is Liam's favourite. He could eat kilos of sweet potato chips if we let him!


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