WTF was that?

Liam came in at 8am sharp as usual on weekends, climbed up into bed, onto us (well specifically me) and tried to wake us up. He prodded me and sang into my ears etc

Hubs being a sweetheart, got up and took Liam downstairs to let me have more rest. I pulled up the sheets and curled under it. And then it happened…as I heard Liam's singing voice faded away going downstairs, I felt a little person grabbing both my ankles and then climbed onto my back and sat on me just like Liam, but silently.

Holy fuckballs I cried out and no sound came out of my mouth. I tried again and finally I managed to muttered "Arhhhh" and just like that the weight on my back was gone.


Now instead of enjoying some rest-time hubs has given me I am wide awake. I know this sort of experience can be scientifically explained but dammit it felt so real. I was so relieved to open my eyes and see sunlight peeking out of my curtains.

November Watercolour Challenge 25/30

Lettuce today. Painting floral is my nemesis but my gawd doing this lettuce was like painting a carnation but green. All these layers of lettuce leaves are like layers of moldy labia 😫


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