40 minutes lates to school and this one is having a meltdown because he won't wear his black hightops. He wants to wear his ugly blue Minion crocs 😀

Outright refused the pilot hat and wouldn't even put on the bloody cape let alone the campy mask 😑

Somemore the mask and his cape matches so I was very pleased!! I named it Captain Super Liam costume in order to drum up the excitement πŸ˜‚ Of course he couldn't give two shits.

Ok, so we are like almost an hour late right to school and expected the reception area to be deserted but when we reached the school, there were about 4 or 5 other sets of parents negotiating with their kids to enter the school lol. All of them were having trouble wearing costumes, all freaking out about not being in uniform which Liam was too haha. Omg conformist much these little people!?

I felt better after, cause it's not the campish costume πŸ™Š, it's just 3 year olds being 3 year olds.

His teacher very kindly sent me a pic of him in (half a) costume. Wonder how they managed to get him to wear the cape haha.

Why wouldn't they adjust it though, he is wearing it like it's a dress πŸ˜‚

Last day of school today till next year πŸ’†

Cooked prawn pasta with red pepper sauce because i can't get anybody to deliver food to my house fml. Foodpanda has stopped delivery service to my area, UberEats doesn't even service my area, McDonald's has weather issues πŸ€”, KFC has unforeseen circumstances πŸ™„, Nandos only listed 5 streets in my area one of which is right behind me wtf and Oddles only deliver latest tomorrow gahhhh

I am too lazy to drive out with a beastly 3 year old so what to do…cook lah.

Frozen prawns, frozen peas, frozen gnocchis and homemade red bell pepper sauce. The only fresh things were onions and garlic 😝Added some vermicelli coz not enough gnocchi. Actually quite delicious…i love my red bell pepper sauce!

So delicious after I finished eating, I cooked another portion of vermicilli to mix in with the leftover sauce and finished everything 😫 #dayrefatties

Liam's a fan too πŸŽ‰

November Watercolour Challenge 24/30

IMO the best vege ever. Can take boiling, frying, microwaving, steaming all without losing its deliciousness πŸ‘


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