Bragging to my hubs on whatsapp because it's not often I could dish out financial facts ๐Ÿ˜‚

Truth be told we are only beginning to sort out our finances and retirement funds recently. Neither of us has proper education about money growing up and we are bent on making sure Liam won't grow up with the same lack of knowledge. It's terrifying how much money I had wasted on stupid shit that I could have parlayed into hundreds of thousands now if I knew what I know now ๐Ÿ˜‘

@mrsergul this is the book that opened up my eyes. It is very digestible for non financially savvy folks. It's USA oriented but many of its principles can be applied in Malaysia and I'm sure Singapore too. Like how even if u made money from unit/mutual trusts, u never get the full gains as advertised coz they don't tell customers the multi layer of fees that will be deducted from the profits.

Also, how the agents/fund managers are not really working for u, instead they work for themselves n for the products they're selling so you have to seek financial advice from neutral sources. How important it is to start young or start now with investing to take advantage of the power of compound interest etc etc

I don't have much insights lah, still a no0b haha but yeah I think reading the book changed my perspectives entirely.

Reason my son was crying

We were having bak kut teh for dinner and what a wonderful decision cause it's a cold rainy evening.

Everybody loves bkt including Liam and his favourite dish is the crullers aka yaocharguai aka yutiao.

As soon as the two bowls of crullers arrived he announced that one of it belongs to him. "This one is Liam's".

I told him no, that he can only eat one piece after every spoon of rice, and then I placed the bowl out of his reach.

At this point he got a little agitated but still quite accomodating. He ate the spoonful of rice I presented to him and then he asked for his bowl of crullers. I said no, he could only have one piece and gave him a piece.

He took it but said he didn't want it, he wanted the whole bowl. I kept saying no & then it looked like he might throw away the piece in his hand I decided to take it off him and ate it.

The moment I started chewing, Liam screamed in horror & started bawling. Enormous tears.

I had never seen him meltdown like that. It was intense. The whole restaurant was staring at us. Liam kept pointing at my belly asking for the "biscuit". @higarethdavies looked at me and mouthed silently, "You fucked up". I rolled my eyes.

I told Liam it's too late cause I've eaten it and it has to come out of my bum as poopoo. He bawled even louder. Fuckity fuck.

For 10 whole minutes that felt like an eternity he insisted I gave back the piece of yaocharguai that I ate.

I kept apologising to him. I kept reasoning with him, that he could have another one and it would taste just the same but nopeeeeee he still wanted the one I ate.

Lightbulb moment: I proclaimed that the 2nd bowl of crullers was "mummy's" and then I took a piece out of my bowl and put it into his bowl. I told him, "Liam I am putting my biscuit into your bowl okay." He quietened down and then I fasterly passed him his entire bowl of crullers and miraculously he started eating them.

So that's the reason why my son was crying and how he ended up having a whole bowl of crullers for dinner.

November Watercolour Challenge 23/30

Another sorrel! Why so repetitive one this challenge ๐Ÿ˜’

Luckily there are many types of sorrels so I picked the red veined sorrel. Act like sorrel expert but credit goes to Google.

Shredded a massive bowl of cabbage and carrots for Liam's school pot luck tomorrow. Thank you food processor ๐Ÿ˜š

I was gonna be more ambitious and bring some kinda protein or even sweet potato chips but the idea of waking up early to cook or being on my feet peeling tubers did not appeal to me.

Added a couple handfuls of raisins coz kids.

Mixed well with dressing – mayo (store-bought so already has sugar ๐Ÿ˜”), apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, salt & pepper then pour into foil container.

Feeling gedik so I weighed it…1.8kg worth of salad. Hope the kids (and teachers) like it coz Liam loves coleslaws.

More gedik…put a label just in case of allergies.

It's actually a potluck for a fancy dress party at his school. Of course I have failed to prepare Liam's costume. I did get a fancy feathery mask last minute from Mr DIY for RM2.50 that goes very well with his Cotton-On cape & kinda evokes Tuxedo Mask feeling lol

I reckon he won't wear it though. Last resort he goes as a pilot coz we still have his vintage pilot cap from his 1st birthday. Also don't think he will wear it ๐Ÿ˜ช we shall see.


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