Just got home from picking Liam up from school, without Liam 😂 He is on his very first school trip to a petting zoo/police museum and was expected to be back by 3pm but I was told the kids are having so much fun that they haven't managed to leave yet lol

So now am back home waiting for the teacher to text me when the kids are back. Imma enjoy these few hours of extra peace while they last 😎

Aww so nice of his teacher to send over some pictures from his trip today. Here is he in the bus.

He does look like he's had loads of fun cause when I picked him up he refused to go home with me!!

"I don't want to go with mummy!!!" I could hear him shouting as I walk towards his classroom 🤦

Touching rabbits with his cap worn backwards…super naughty look!

November Watercolour Challenge 22/30

Was a bit worried that it might look too similar to the scallion I painted earlier but I think I've made a good attempt at bringing out the leek-ness 😂


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