Liam got the day off from school today so we are trying to burn off his energy at McDonald's playground. I wish we have the constitution for outdoor time in the sun but sorry really cannot lah πŸ˜‚
Respect and salute to @klutzclumlov and her hubs.

Anyway, McD has fish and chips now yay and it's actually pretty decent!

November Watercolour Challenge 20/30

While Liam is playing, hubs read and I painted. It's not a peaceful playtime as I had imagined because Mr. Liam has kept his poop in for 3 friggin days. Everytime it threatened to come out he kinda moaned and walked around for ages till it went back up the poop shoot. It's incredibly frustrating for me and hubs, and Liam of course.

I don't know why he can't just let it out on the potty πŸ˜“ So right now we're at McDs and he is just pacing around, moaning trying to stop himself from pooping.

You can watch his poop holding on my IGstory. Urgh.

He also refuses to go home cause FOMO.

Smelled something funky and hope he hasn't soiled himself 😫

I think we have made about 6 futile back and forth trips to the toilet.

Couldn't stand it anymore. We finally left for home and at home, he very tearfully brought his diapers to me.

So I gave in and let him wear one and 5 minutes later, the biggest gawddamn dump πŸ™„

Now the fella is so jolly he is singing to himself while napping. Of course nap is so late now coz of his whole bowel kerfufle πŸ˜’


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