Our first Parent & Teacher's Day 😊

For memory's sake…At his report card day, we're told that Liam's grasp of the malay and mandarin language is abysmal 😂 Well I had expected it because we speak english exclusively at home. Though he seems to be able to pronounce mandarin words well but he doesn't recognise or remember much and often fall back on his English. For instance when his mandarin teacher pointed at a flower, instead of saying hua he would say "flower" and very insistent about it too 😅

His teacher said that because he joined the school only in the 2nd half of the year he has missed out quite a bit on picking up the basics. His performance will be observed next year and if he is still behind she will recommend extra mandarin classes for him.

Also, his mandarin teacher admitted she's a fiercer presence so Liam would always ask his favourite friendly teacher to help him complete his schoolwork when she's not looking 😂

I am glad to hear he has no qualms asking other people for help. It's something that his dad and I personally struggle with. We always tend to do everything by ourselves because we don't like to trouble, owe or socialise with other people 😂 In fact I witnessed first hand today how he got his friends' parents to put on his shoes and also to lift his toddler ride off the stairs when he couldn't see us. He very assertively shouted, "Please help me!!". I hope he hangs on to this trait.

No problem with his English. He could could pretty much recite ABCs and and 1-10. He seems comfortable communicating in English. Next year they will teach him how to read & Math.

As for behaviour, in the beginning he refused to do anything; no singing, no dancing, no colouring etc. Any request would be met with a stoic "No". However he is much better now & with a little reasoning he is willing to compromise. He enjoys playing and is good with his friends. He is considered gentle in demeanor 🤗

After Liam's thingy at school, we adjourned for dimsum lunch with fambam. My dad and his partner are finally back from NYC after 2 months and they got us a big container of organic trailmix. Yumss thanks dad and aunty KT.

And also received a huge bag of naughty snacks from my youngest brother who was in BKK 🤗 So many Taokaenoi and mama noodles yasssss. Thanks Nicklaus ❤️

My youngest brother is 25 already but I still get a bit amazed when he is adulting lol. I guess he will always be a baby brother in my heart!

After lunch, we went to the park at DPC to get Liam to burn off some energy. Saw @graciouslittlethings too at Waterfront's bazaar, I think she has new stuff in for @petitetroopers, so pretty and saw a couple of dresses that'd be perfect for Xmas 😍 if only I got a lil girl 🙏

We got home and had a very satisfying family nap. 2+ hours of glorious slumber. Then we went for dinner at Beard Brothers. First time there and it's expectedly yummy! The smoked ribs & house baked beans were spectacular.

Ops somebody got a tan from the afternoon at the playground 🙈

November Watercolour Challenge 19/30

Best use: Perking up an ugly dish.


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