First big boy poop!!

Wah so happy!! Liam finally pooped on the toilet and without the seat adapter too. It took 4 back and forth trips to the loo but on the 4th time he squeeze that massize mafaka out! It was pootifulllll….

At first he absolutely refused to even enter the bathroom and just kept demanding diaper and I knew then he only asked for a diaper coz he's feeling a poop coming on so I had to nego with him…if he pooped in the toilet he'd get to watch one show on tele.

That's what got him to enter the bathroom and sat on the throne. Otherwise he wouldn't have budged!

Gave him lotsa hugs and kisses and praises after that, just short of blowing up balloons and lighting up fireworks so hopefully he will be more open to doing number 2 on the big boys throne 🙏

November Watercolour Challenge 16/30

And just like that, more than half of November's challenges done. 16th challenge is "eggplant". Also known as brinjal and aubergine.


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