2nd Day

So it's 2nd day of toilet training since he recovered from laosai and I am happy to report that there hasn't been a single accident!!! šŸŽ‰

His teacher said he's only 1 of the last 2 kids still not fully trained at school. Upon hearing that my competitiveness just went through the roof and I fastey forced him out of diaper & into pants at home. I told Liam he can't be the last kid to diaper-free šŸ‘Š

He hasn't asked to go to toilet on his own accord yet but he does pee whenever we bring him to the loo, which is about once every 2 hours. He seems to have decent bladder control. He even woke up with a dry diaper this morning (I let him wear during bedtime but not naptime).

However, he also hasn't pooped on the toilet so I am not sure if he is holding his shit in, I hope not šŸ™

Do you come from a land down under,
Where women glow and men plunder,
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder,
You better run, you better take cover….

…from the outpouring of LOVE and FABULOUSNESS!!!!!!

Hope this poll result will come into fruition šŸ™


Jinxed myself coz after he woke up from his nap I found a big patch of wee in the middle of our bed šŸ˜«

November Watercolour Challenge 15/30

And today's challenge is "beet". One of my favourite noms are pickled beets and roasted beets. Somebody told me before not to eat too much beets as it causes low blood pressure so I don't dare eat so much nowadays.

After living in this area for 10 years, a KFC has finally opened within walking distance from our house šŸ˜­

No need to trek to Tesco Kepong for KFC anymore!!!!!


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