Hmmm how come my instastories are still around after 2 days? 🤔

My breakfast before doctor's appointment.

Decided to let Liam go to school since he didn't lao since afternoon yesterday. Hope it keeps that way. He's only been eating toasts and the odd apples though.

Ploughed through this in 2 days. It's so good! Was pleasantly surprised to find that the book it is based on is by Margaret Atwood, also the writer of The Handmaid's Tale, which series I am also currently watching. Such different books, one set in Victorian age and the other in a dystopian future but both with strong female characters.

November Watercolour Challenge 14/30

This was tougher than I expected. It's quite difficult for me to bring out the curves of a flawless bell pepper because it's just one colour with no blemishes I could kinda cheat with. This was actually my 2nd work, had to bin the first one.


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