3.45am this morning, a chirpy Liam came into our room, went to my side of the bed and woke me up. As I opened my eyes, he smiled at me. I was about to pick him up and place him in our bed when he said, "Mummy my bumbum dirty". Right then, the smell hit me.

Woke @higarethdavies up, my love, cleaned Liam up and washed all his soiled bedsheets while I continued to rest in bed because of my doctor's order. Poor Liam was having diarrhea ☹️

He seemed fine for about an hour and then it was squirt time again. He basically cried and ran around our bed till it's out. My heart ached for him. He put a dirty coin in his mouth a couple days ago, that's our only explanation for his condition.

After he was done, I decided to give hubs a break and cleaned Liam myself instead. Ruyi oil him up again and finally, he fell asleep peacefully till this morning. No school for him today, of course.

All's well today, he's just a teeny more whiny than usual. Ate only chips, which reminded me of the time he had gastro while we we were road tripping across Europe and all he ate was only chips too. At least, we are within the comfort of home now.

Then we went to an art supply shop and he started his cry/run session again. Yeap, squirt time. Had to lead him out of the shop towards a quiet pathway as it was disrupting the peace of the quiet shop.

Thankfully we were very near a well-equipped baby room at The Curve and we could clean him up fairly easily. They have a massive sink at the changing area and we placed Liam in the sink and just washed his bum there and there (after wiping the gunk off with tissue lah we are not savages).

After that, he's back to his old merry self. Can't wait to see solid poops again from my boy. I guess the universe is telling us not to force his toilet training lol

Thanks for all the well wishes for Liam! ❤️

Finally feel ready to upgrade marginally from my Daiso watercolours. Each box cost 3 times more than my Daiso which make them still under RM20 each hehe. One high end 5ml tube of watercolour could cost from RM15 up to RM39.90 so these are still considered pretty darn cheap 😝

I showed a lot of high end stuff to G while at the art supply shop, coz you know….Xmas 😂

November Watercolour Challenge 13/30

Pretty interesting to paint. I was dreading this cause of all the veins 😫


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