The nuah is strong in this one.

His toilet training is not getting any better over the weekends coz he absolutely refuses to wear pants. He only wants to wear his diapers, in fact he demands it šŸ˜«

It's so annoying because he knows how to pee standing into the toilet already and he knows how to poop on toilet even before he turned 2! I suspect it's just pure laziness on his part.

So hard to extinguish rage that stemmed from hangriness šŸ‘æ

Liam: I want to watch toys at home. (Youtube toys review)

Me: Sorry Liam you cannot.

Liam: I'm very sad now.

November Watercolour Challenge 12/30

Was gonna paint something like a french bean but it feels a bit like a cop-out cause it's just a long thin bean so decided to go with sugar snap pea…which is still a type of green bean šŸ˜‡


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