It's 2am now and I just realised I have passed the first milestone of a personal journey. Very thankful I have come this far πŸ™

Toilet training

So Liam's school has taken the initiative to toilet train Liam and he hasn't worn diapers at school for two days already. I asked the teacher today whether he had any accident and she said no, coz they bring the kids to toilet every 20 minutes 😫

However yesterday he had an accident at kopitiam during lunch, luckily for me I wasn't there so @higarethdavies had to handle everything. Today after picking him up from school, we had lunch without incident but then he peed inside hubs car while we were about to get into the house F @higarethdavies life πŸ˜‚

We kept telling him to tell us when he wants to wee/poo but he doesn't seem to realise when he wants to pee, only after the fact. Quite scary lor, he just let it go and then only tell us wth

Honestly I am so lazy to do this at home lah. Every 20 minutes bring him to the the toilet omg so much work 😫 but we know it's about time he learns.

At home he actually demands to wear diaper but I only let him during nap/bedtime. I think he doesn't like soiling himself too cause he said it is "dirty" but he doesn't know how to recognise the signs of pee coming?

Anyway, time to get some pants for him.

Liam's first pants. Omg he is growing up too fast 😭

November Watercolour Challenge 9/30

This is the toughest challenge so far coz everything is just green and I struggled to make each leaf stands out. After two frustrating hours I think I almost got there though not really there yet. I also bungled the brushlettering πŸ˜₯

Damn you collard greens.


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