Lunch is a big bowl of jackfruit cause I want to.

Good day at doc's. All a-ok 👌

This morning though I had a meltdown with tears & all cause I couldn't find my appointment card. Was being a bitch to hubs & couldn't even look at Liam coz I was sure he rummaged through my bag & lost it.

Turned out, my card was at the hospital's reception all along. Left it there during my last visit, this is 2nd time I left my appointment card at the hospital 😶

I need to deal with this forgetfulness man 😫

Watercolour Challenge 31/31

So the theme is "signature" and being an amateur I don't think I have any signature so I thought I'd just do something completely out of my comfort zone, and with no reference to other artworks.

To be honest, I don't really like it. I don't like the strong lines and the bulk of floral at the bottom and the sillouettes are not as spacey as I aimed for. The colours are somewhat off. But I spent hours on this and I can't bin it. So A for effort 😂


Redo the outer rim again with black I think there's marginal improvement.

Ok done for real now. Thanks.


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