Nice day today! First we had brunch with my best friend, Liam's godma.

Group pic!

C's 3rd Birthday

And then we celebrated C's 3rd birthday! Look at these two haha. Gonna be next hit boyband 😎

Thanks for having us @broughtup2share at your beautiful home. Sorry we were late cause totally misjudged our timing 😖

The food was sooo good! And just lovely to catch up with everybody! I hardly took pictures coz I was so busy eating 🙈

This eggy bacon cups were mind-blowing!! I had two ✌️

Love the setup and didn't expect anything less from our chief party planner @broughtup2share 😊

Hope you are always happy, healthy and surrounded by love, C!

*Picture stolen from @imewen hehe thanks!

Watercolour Challenge 28/31

Today's theme is "negative". Google tells me it's a watercolouring technique that paints the background to accentuate the subjects. It is harder than I expected. I would say this is the toughest challenge because I had no idea what I was doing 😖

In fact this is 2nd artwork as I binned the first. I might even bin this when I wake up tomorrow, who knows.

Wish I have dayre plus now cause have so much on my mind that I want to say but just not comfortable in sharing yet. Long story short, just frustrated with my body and health. Hope tomorrow will be better.


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