Happy Birthday Anggooboy 💟

First of all thank you @omamee for having us at Anggooboy's 4th birthday party.

What a fabulous idea to have it at the balai bomba!

So wonderful to see all them familiar faces, @itsplastermama @omamee @klutzclumlov @allykay88 @clanda and their respective offsprings. The village is certainly growing bigger!

Absolutely love the setup @omamee well done!

The kids got to take a ride in the fire engine! @higarethdavies said it's quite exciting, like being in a rollercoaster cause it's going so fast and there's no safety belts 😂

Even @nainai had a go!

The firemen gave the kids a super treat, waterplay!

He insisted on wearing the yellow helmet.

Liam was hesitant to join at first but he was fine once he got the yellow helmet. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring extra change of clothes for him coz he was drenched from head to toe!

Chuffy kids all around.

Rara is rocking the bike 😂 @itsplastermama

LittleLim climbing like a pro!! @allykay88

Emperor Kei in the middle of commanding his minions @klutzclumlov

A very happy Liam with birthday boy Anggooboy.

Happy birthday Anggooboy hope you're always happy, healthy, loving and curious 💗

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!

Watercolour Challenge 21/31

I am really pleased with this one but it could be my own bias. Can you tell what theme is this challenge??

So pleased with this double boiled papaya dessert that I tarpao from our regular neighborhood chinese restaurant. It's packed with longans, snow fungus, dates and chinese peach gum.


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