Siao liao. 4am baking.

Made my first cupcakes ever. Waiting for them to cool to frost. Dunno why recipe says 12 but I could only manage 6? My muffin tin quite standard wor.. Hmm. Much to learn.

So we tried one with no frosting and it's so good we decided to skip frosting and noms them all 😂

Tomorrow if I have time will make again with frosting.

My boys in some dirty kopitiam in Kepong for one of my favourite lunches…..

Syiok beef noodles with melt in mouth braised tendons 😍

Look at all the disgusting flies! These people are completely up their own ass about their perceived kindness in feeding leftover food for stray unspayed cats 😬

Not only does it encourage stray cats to breed uncontrollably, it also encourage breeding of flies and rats. Stupid!! Just do this nice neighborhood a favour and throw away uneaten food properly please.

@themusician @yuanty i blogged about the beef noodles here

Sri Edaran Kopitiam
Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Crispy duck and pancakes for dinner again. Love this meal, so easy to make!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe by Gordon Ramsay.


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